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James DiGiorgio
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James DiGiorgio

Twisting Wrought Iron
Hand Crafted Wrought Iron
photo by Lynn Russell

From the earth; shaped with fire, sweated by water and aged by air - metal. Momentary malleability, the moment of white heat; but once reformed endures lifetimes.

James began metalwork at the family machine shop. In 1991 while shopping, his scoffing bluff was called: "Oh Really?!" and he made his first piece of custom furniture.

Collaboration with the client is essential if the perfect symbiosis of design and lifestyle is to be achieved.

Perhaps James DiGiorgio's passion for metal is a bit romantic, but it is easy to imagine the legacy of one of his forefathers forging for Caesar on a campaign across the Alps.

There is an inherently dangerous nature in the manufacturing of the organic. Elemental movement of something so hard requires massive energy transferal.

'Metal is it's own; it does not need paint.'

Hand Forged Metal
photo by Lynn Russell

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Metal Design Shop & Showroom

2585 Fourth Street
Fort Myers FL 33901

featured in the Feb/Mar 2004 edition of
Aesthetx Magazine
(pgs. 30-31)

Aesthetx Magazine
James DiGiorgio featured in Aesthetx Mag.
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James DiGiorgio w/ daughter Bella
James & Bella

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