Webhosting Services

Quality Local Service  
When CyberStreet Hosts your site, it means you get the same great friendly service you would get from our Dialup Internet services. Faster turn-around times and less time on hold.  

Webhosting services

Web Hosting Options

DNS Hosting 
  • $10.00 Monthly fee. 
  • Hosting of Domain Name, No Webspace
  • Can be used for email hosting (ex: you@yourdomain.com)

DNS + Web Hosting
  • $20.00 Monthly fee. 
  • 50 Megs of Webspace 
  • Includes FP Extentions, PHP, MySQL, SSI, and CGI-BIN
  • Semi-Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10 Emails At your Domain

Personal Website 
  • 5 Megs Webspace FREE to all subscribers! 
  • Your site would be http://www.cyberstreet.com/users/*whatever*  


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