Swan Lake Village

At Swan Lake Many Things Can Be Found
Including Trees, With Fruit That Is Round.
The Only Swans Seen, Are On A Shirt
And Red Ants Are Found, In Sand And Dirt.
Black Birds Fly Around, Saying Awk-o
While Sea Gulls Soar, Gracefully So.
There’s Double Wide Homes, Pretty And Neat
With Beautiful Palms, Along The Street.
‘Neath the Pines Are Homes, Sitting On Wheels
With Small Kitchens, For Preparing Meals.
You See People, Riding On Their Bikes
Or Perhaps Walking, Going On Hikes
Others Shuffle Or Play Holey Board
While Some Have Fun, With Many A Card.

There Are Carry-ins, With Food For All
And Things To Do, Where You Have A Ball.
At Morning Coffee, You Can Find Out
What Future Events, Are All About.
There’s Crafts For Ladies, Bowling For Men
When It’s Warm, There’s Swimming, Now And Then.
Please Don’t Forget The Sunday Hymn Sings,
You’ll Be Blessed, By The Joy That It Brings.
Everyone Seems So Friendly And Kind
They Put At Ease, Your Troubles And Mind.
If You See Someone Without A Smile
Just Give Them Yours, Go The Extra Mile.
Let’s Keep Swan Lake The Best Park Around
Where Only The Best Folks, Can Be Found!

Written By Ginny Rauch 1-22-96


Swan Lake Village & RV Resort

Business Office: 207 Swan Lake Drive
North Fort Myers FL 33917
(239) 995-3397 Fax (239) 995-7879
E-Mail: SwanLakeVillage@embarqmail.com